Kid's bike club

Our team aim to make children of all ages and abilities feel welcome at our weekly Kid’s Bike Club. Many skills are required to confidently cycle and not all children develop in the same way. If the child is not normally physically active, it may take some time for skills to be mastered. For young children, it may start with the strength to hold a bike upright. For a taller child, it may be that balance and control needs more work. Some children may progress better once they develop confidence.
     Children from the age of 2 years old will practice their skills, whether they start on our small balance bikes or a larger pedal bike (on which we may initially remove the pedals) taking part in fun games and activities designed to help progress the relevant skills. If children are already pedalling on their bike (without stabilisers), the children will practice further skills such as braking, control and steering, in readiness for Bikeability proficiency which may or may not be delivered in the child’s school, from around primary 5. Although all of the children may be taking part in activities and games in a group session, our instructors will assess the children’s skills individually at points in order to help that child progress.
     It is our main focus to help develop the skills in a natural and relaxed manner. We do not put pressure on children to pedal when they are not ready therefore we ask that parents support the activity as it is delivered. 

Once we see that the children are progressing confidently, we will introduce further skills for them to work on. As children develop more confidence, they usually feel more able to try new things.
     We have bikes and helmets of all sizes available to use. Children can bring their own bikes and our instructors can check them to ensure that they are suitable to use. We do not use bikes with stabilisers for any of our children. We are happy to remove stabilisers for you however if you do not wish stabilisers to be removed, please do not bring the bike to the session.

Kid's Bike Club with three sessions every week, at 9, 9.45 and 10.30am - suitable for children 3 plus, we have bikes and helmets of all sizes available to use. Coach-supp...
Kid's Bike Club
45 min

Following government COVID guidelines and guidance from Cycling UK, our Kids Bike Club sessions have had to be placed on hold for a number of months now.


We aim to safely and gradually re-introduce sessions starting in April 2021, assuming that the present situation allows us to do so.


At present, we are offering outdoor one-to-one sessions for all ages. Use the contact form to enquire about availability and session times.

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We have three sessions available to attend, every Sunday morning. Sessions start at
10, 10.45 and 11.30am and cost £2 per child per session.

Please arrive a few minutes before your chosen session starts, in order to register. Refreshments are also available for a donation.