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Ladies group

Our popular Ladies Cycling Group is especially for anyone that enjoys a social and relaxed setting whilst at the same time, developing cycling skills, with the added bonus of improving wellbeing and physical health, within a safe and supported environment.
     We understand that getting on a bike can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you haven’t been on a bike before, or haven’t cycled for many years. Our cycling skills sessions are especially for new or returning cyclists to try out a bike or bikes, with assistance from a trained instructor, in a safe and secure environment. Many ladies might only come to our cycling skills session until they are feeling comfortable on a bike. Once you are confident, you can also try our easy pace group ride. If you are already cycling but looking to improve your skills, such as using gears, controlling the bike, you are welcome to practice with us, perhaps to develop confidence.
     If you are already a keen cyclist, you don’t need to be especially proficient, and enjoy getting out on your bike – or you can borrow one of ours – you are welcome to come along our group ride without attending our skills session.

     We typically only use cycle paths and pavement with the exception of some smaller connecting roads. We cycle as a very visible group, no one is left behind or unaccompanied. If you feel the need to return early, or don’t feel able to proceed further on the ride, you will always be accompanied.
     We have bikes of all sizes available to use. We will make sure that you are using a bike that is suitable for your height, ability and any other personal accommodations. If you are bringing your own bike, we can check it over to ensure it is suitable for activity.
     We have helmets, gloves, jackets and bike lights. All we ask if that you make sure you are wearing suitable clothing and footwear. Sandals, heels and boots are not recommended.
     Young ladies are also welcome at our cycling skills so long as they are accompanied by an adult. For the group ride, young ladies must be cycling proficiently. We also have a baby seat and toddler trailer for when the weather is better, your little one can come with you.


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Our Ladies Cycling Group is on every Monday evening as follows:

5.45pm :- Register for cycling skills session
6 - 6.45pm :- Cycling skills and bike checks
6.45pm :- Register for group ride
7 - 8.30pm:- Led ride, typically 5 – 7 miles,
easy pace
Cost £2, refreshments available

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